eBike Experiences

And here we have another eBiker interview for you, if you’re thinking of an eBike to keep up with other friends or going on longer rides then this little interview with one of our customers will inspire you to get the damn bike!

What eBike do you ride and why?

‘Haibike sduro fullnine.  I wanted a full suspension mountain bike.’

How long have you had your eBike?

‘2 years.’

Was there one main reason you had for getting an eBike and did it take you a while to come round to the idea or were you a convert as soon as you saw them?

‘I had wanted one for a while as I was finding it difficult to keep up with the people I had been riding with.’

Do you still have a ‘normal’ bike? And if so which bike do you use most?

‘I still have a normal bike’

What has been the main use of your eBike?

‘Trail riding’

Have you done any rides that you would never have tackled on a ‘normal’ bike?

‘Yes I have gone up bigger hills! and longer distances than I would have managed with my other bike.  And have ridden with faster people.’

The varied assistance modes on eBikes can allow you to climb up the steepest of hills!

Do you find your eBike rides like a normal bike or have you learned anything along the way?

‘The ebike rides like a normal bike, only downside is weight, I have to choose rides which don’t involve lifting the bike over fences if alone.  I also find it a bit cumbersome on some singletrack but I’m not comfortable with ‘technical’ singletrack anyway’

What has your friends and families attitude been to your eBike? Do they still ride with you? Does it allow you to ride with them when you previously wouldn’t? Or do they have them too?

‘People’s attitude has been ok, apart from a bit of teasing.  Some of the guys don’t like being overtaken on hills though. I would suggest trying one if they are being negative.as they are so much fun.  The ebike has meant being able to ride with fast friends again, although I don’t take it on slower rides as I come home feeling as though I haven’t done anything.  I take it out on my own when time is short as it means I can go further and faster to fit in longer rides in less time’

Advice:  Just go for it – you won’t regret it, and won’t be able to stop grinning when you ride it!!

So if this little read up has made you feel inspired then get in touch with us now and book your eBike test ride! You will never look back!