eBike Trial, winter 2020.

In this short blog post we hear from local Andy about how he got on with his week long eBike trial from us here at Aviemore Bikes…

”I had a loan mountain e-bike (Thanks Jenny!) from Aviemore Bikes for a week, with this being the first time I had used one and I had little idea of how much use I would get out of it.

First impressions were good, it was simple to control and very easy to ride.  Despite the high weight of the bike, it seemed light and agile, even in the lower power modes. I was Riding still tires the legs and raises the heart rate, but you get a lot further for a given level of time and effort.  This meant that I would take more interesting trails and back roads instead of taking the direct route when the time would otherwise be tight.  I went along the spey-way at lunchtime and looped through Boat of Garten in the evening, both trips would have been difficult to fit into my schedule if I’d not had the benefit of the electric boost.  Heading to work I could ride at higher boost and arrive refreshed but not dripping in sweat.  On longer rides around the area, I loved the fact I could speed along the road sections and get to places that I’d rarely have the time and energy to cycle to with my current fitness.  My longest ride was 30km on hilly trails and was one of the best days out I’ve had in a while.

I was also surprised by how much fun the rides were.  The extra acceleration added a boost of adrenaline and made trail rides feel amazing.  Crossing rocky ground and hitting sharp inclines was noticeably easier, as minor mistakes were smoothed out by the power from the bike.  The only downside was the weight, this is not a bike suitable for lifting over a style without help or significant strength!

Overall I’d say that an e-bike is a lot more interesting than I expected, It takes nothing away from regular cycling, but greatly adds to the possibilities.  I would definitely look at renting again or buying one in the future. ”

If you are interested in trying an Electric Bike then get in touch with us now, via info@aviemorebikes.co.uk. Andy had use of of the 2020 Specialized Levo HT, equipped with a 400 W/H battery which is stunningly integrated into the frame to make the bike look almost ‘normal’! The Specialized Levo HT also uses one of the quietest and smoothest motors on the market, allowing you to smoothly glide along the trails.

More information on eBikes can be found here > http://www.aviemorebikes.co.uk/bike-hire-demo-guiding/electric-bike-hire/