Happy New eBike!

Are you thinking about an Electric Bike in 2019? Maybe you have a few questions or things you are unsure about. How easy are they to learn to use, what kind of terrain will I use it for, what type of eBike do I need? We spoke to a couple of new eBike riders and asked them about what they have been using their bikes for. Both of them ride the HaiBike Hard7 Models, these start at £1750 for a hardtail mountain bike equipped with a Yamaha Motor, as you spend more in the range you will get a Bosch Motor with a more powerful battery, allowing you to go further. Along with a plush set of Air Suspension Forks to smooth out the ride, so for tackling the likes of Loch Einich or the Rvyoan Route the higher end models are a great option.

eBikes will allow you to get to places you may not have thought possible!

What eBike do you ride and why?

”I ride a Haibike 4 Hardlife. I am not very technical but this bike seemed to have what I needed. I liked the fact it was a Bosch, a name I know.”

”I wanted an all round introduction to ebikes that I could ride for fun both on road and on off road tracks and trails. I was not looking for a bike for hard core mountain biking. We did some research and then took advice on which bike would be best suited from the bike shop experts.”

How long have you had your eBike?

”I’ve had my bike since Sept 18 so 4 months.”

”Three months”


Was there one main reason you had for getting an eBike and did it take you a while to come round to the idea or were you a convert as soon as you saw them?

”I fancied an Ebike to make cycling a bit easier. I was starting to get put off by routes with big hills but didn’t want to stop getting out. I also knew it would encourage my husband out biking again. The price did take a bit of getting used to, but after hiring a few times we knew it would be worth it. So much fun!”

”I tried a friend’s ebike and was immediately taken by how easy it was to ride uphill and into a head on wind and how much further I was able to go distance wise than on my normal bike.”

Do you still have a ‘normal’ bike? And if so which bike do you use most?

”I do still have a normal bike. During warmer weather I would use the Ebike more but prefer using my normal bike in cold weather.”

”Yes.. but I use my ebike most of time.”

What has been the main use of your eBike? 

”I use my Ebike for leisure/ pleasure/ fun. I have been out much more since getting it.”

”Just out exploring different tracks and enjoying cycling with friends who are more experienced and fitter cyclists and who previously I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with.”

Have you done any rides that you would never have tackled on a ‘normal’ bike?

”We have definitely gone out to tackle longer routes which has been brilliant. Long days out on the trails.”

”Yes – many different and much more challenging and longer rides.”

Do you find your eBike rides like a normal bike or have you learned anything along the way?

”I find my Ebike a bit less agile and at the beginning felt it got “stuck in the track” a bit. I am now more used to that and don’t feel the difference.”

”I have learned to use the gears and speed as I have got used to using the bike and  to get a bit of a work out while at the same time preserving the use of the battery when cycling longer distances. It has not been difficult to get used to riding.”

What has your friends and families attitude been to your eBike? Do they still ride with you? Does it allow you to ride with them when you previously wouldn’t? Or do they have them too?

”Friends and family have applauded our decision to get the eBikes and they all – Young and older- borrow them at every opportunity. We have been able to ride together with younger, fitter friends and family when before we would have been two groups.”

”Friends also have eBikes and we can now all ride together while I can also keep up with fitter and more experienced biking friends who don’t have ebikes.”

What would you say to anyone with negative comments / thoughts about eBikes?

”All I would say is “try them, you’ll never have more fun on two wheels!”

”Try one and experience what fun they are and how much easier it is to get out cycling.”

Has your eBike in any way changed your life?

”My husband is now back on the trails so it’s great to be out enjoying cycling together.”

”Yes.. I am now out on my bike almost daily and for a lot longer time wise and for longer distances. I am also enjoying biking much more than previously as I don’t have to worry about tackling challenging/ daunting hills.”

eBikes are expensive bits of kit, make sure you show it some love now and again!

Finally if there was one piece of advice you would give someone looking for an eBike what would it be?

”My only advice would be to listen to the advice you get from people who know. I had my heart set on a lovely purple bike but it just didn’t fit me as well as my Haibike. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try several bikes before I bought.”

”Just try it!”

Well we hope these little interviews have inspired you to get out and try and eBike or make that purchase you’ve been thinking over for a while. Get in touch with us here at Aviemore Bikes to organise a demo ride or just pop in and see us for a chat about all things eBike and what might suit your needs! 


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