It’s Hardtail Season!

Well with the absence of snow at the moment a lot of you may be stuck for something to pass the winter days and nights, why not get yourself a hardtail and take a blast around the forest tracks and trails this winter. Or maybe you don’t want to take your ‘good’ full suspension bike in the muddy winter conditions, hardtails tend to be half of the price of full suspension bikes so you don’t have to be quite so precious about keeping them clean and serviced… Either way it’s a great way to improve your fitness in time for summer, and anyway who said cycling was just for the summer?

Over the next few weeks we are going to post a few back to basics reviews of some of our favorite hardtail bikes and all different price points. As you will know our mountain bikes range from £400 to £8000 so there is something for everyone across our range of leading brands including Specialized and Trek Bikes.

Today we give you our top picks from £900 – £1100.

Trek Roscoe 8

£1100 (range starts at £675)

Wheel Size 27.5’’ Plus

Gearing SRAM Eagle 12 Speed

Fork Rockshox Judy Air, 120mm Travel

Why should I buy a Roscoe?

Great question! Have a think about the type of riding that you do or that you want to do. If trail centres, lots of singletrack and rocky trails spring to mind then the Roscoe is a great choice or if you want to have one bike to do everything then again the Roscoe is a great choice. It will soak up all the bumps, roots and rocks that you throw at it. Why’s that? All Trek Roscoe bikes are equipped with 27.5’’ plus tyres, these are the same diameter as a regular 27.5’’ wheel but with a 3 inch tyre – it’s not a fat bike but not a normal bike, somewhere in the middle. These wider tyres can be run at a lower pressure without the risk of puncturing meaning that they almost act like suspension. So for rough off road riding they absorb a lot more of the bumps leading to a smoother, faster and more confidence inspiring ride.

Out of the shop the Roscoe is ready to hit the trails without any adaptations, along with the  plus tyres you get a dropper seatpost (result!!), a SRAM Eagle 12 Speed Drivetrain with an amazing gear for climbing the steepest of hills and a Rockshox Judy Air Fork. Air suspension will make a huge improvement to the ride feel of a bike, this type of suspension will be personally tuned to your weight when you collect your new bike from us which again leads to a smooth ride out on the trails.

Specialized Rockhopper Pro 1X

£1050 (range starts at £635)

Wheel Size 29’’

Gearing Shimano SLX 11 Speed

Fork Rockshox Recon RL Fork

Why should I buy a Rockhopper?

The Rockhopper is a totally different bike from the Roscoe so therefore obviously suits a totally different style of riding. If you want a fast and lightweight hardtail then the Rockhopper is a great option. Why’s that? The Specialized Rockhopper is equipped with 29’’ diameter wheels, these are the same size as a road bike so they roll a lot faster with less effort needed from the rider. This is great for blasting around forest trails but also if you ever find yourself with a bit of road on your route, the 29’’ wheels will leave all your friends with small wheels behind! Along with the 29’’ wheels on the Rockhopper you are also getting a lightweight aluminium frame which brings the weight of the bike down and Rockshox Recon Air Fork. The Recon suspension fork is also nice and light but also very responsive, it will soak up all the bumps on route and can also be switched off from your handlebars to help you zoom up the steepest of hills. All of the above lead to an incredibly smooth and fast feel on the Rockhopper which is topped off with the ultra reliable and smooth Shimano 11 Speed gearing system.

Trek XCaliber 9

£1000 (range starts at £650)

Wheel Size 27.5’’ (SMALL) 29’’ (Med/Large/Xlarge)

Gearing Shimano SLX 22 Speed

Fork Rockshox Judy Air

Why should I buy an X Caliber? If you have a heavy full suspension bike and you want a fast lightweight bike with a ‘racey’ attitude then the X Caliber is a great option. Or maybe you’re a smaller rider that wants a bike with 27.5’’ wheels rather than 29’’ to get the fit right, then you’ll see that the XCaliber comes with smaller wheels on the smaller sizes.  So what’s on the bike? When you ride out of the shop you will instantly feel notice that the XCaliber just feels ‘expensive’ that’s because it’s a great value for money package. Firstly you are getting a smooth and reliable Shimano SLX Gearset, and with a 2 x 11 speed set up this bike will cruise up the steepest of hills with ease. The Rockshox Judy Air forks absorb any bumps you throw at them and also have a handlebar lock out switch, meaning you can turn the suspension off to save energy on the climbs. All of these quality parts are placed on the X Caliber frame which has space to fit a dropper seatpost and Boost Hub Spacing which allows you to upgrade the wheels if you feel that way inclined!


Round up!

Buy the Trek Roscoe if you want a bike to do it all, a bike that will give you confidence and a bike that’s a whole lot of fun!

Buy the Specialized Rockhopper Pro 1X if you want a fast, lightweight bike with an incredibly comfortable sitting position.

Buy the Trek XCaliber if you want a lightweight, fast bike that’s got racey geometry and loads of gears.

All of the above bikes are available on interest free finance