Tempted by Triathlon Evening.

On Wednesday the 25th of April we held our ‘Tempted by Triathlon’ evening with the team from Alba Physiotherapy. A fantastic mix of newbies and seasoned triathletes popped along to see what was going on and share experiences, we even had some IronWOMEN amongst us!

Brid Walsh the owner of Alba Physiotherapy has an honours in Sports and Exercise Science and Human Physiotherapy and together with her personal swimming experience and cycle racing experience she has a wide knowledge of all things training, injury prevention and injury spotting. Brid currently looks after two Downhill World Cup Mountain Bikers, a sport that is very rough on your body, and is also a fully qualified Pilates instructor.

Brid ran through body assessments with all the attendees and how to spot injuries with fun excersizes relating to Cycling, Running and Swimming.

Gemma Munro said that she learned from Brid  that we need to focus on imbalances when doing strength training to get the best out of movement when running/cycling and Carolyn Stead said that one of the things she learned from Brid was the difference between dynamic and static stretching and what both of them are for.

Mike and Bruce of Aviemore Bikes are both highly experienced in bike fitting, and have sourced, set up and fitted bikes for a range of athletes. These include Olympic Gold Medalist, Katie Archibald, Mikes claim to fame is that he helped her to source and build up her first ‘proper’ road bike.

The two of them have also helped Paralympian Dave Smith from bike set ups to training. Mike trained with Dave for his Mont Ventoux Challenge (cycling 4340m in one day) and along with Bruce he set up Dave with the perfect bike for the challenge. Dave has a spinal tumor which means he has limited movement in one side of his body, this makes handling and braking on a bike extremely tough. Most recently Bruce and Mike set Dave up with a Specialized Diverge bike to recover from surgery with a special brake system meaning both brakes are operated by one lever to accommodate for his weak side. You can find out more about Dave here —> https://davidsmithathlete.com/about/

Mike and Bruce have built numerous triathlon and time trial bikes and along with their experience in swimming, running and of course cycling, they had a range of hints and tips to share.

Mike ran an interactive and fun session highlighting the differences between a ‘comfortable’ bike set up and an ‘uncomfortable’ bike set up, most of the attendees were gutted to hear that in order to go fast, the bike needs to be slammed and uncomfortable. This was clarified after a look at the Ridley Dean Fast TT bike that we had on display for the evening.

Look how low those bars are!

Mark Swinney actually said that the biggest thing he took away last night was –  ”If you lower the bar height. Then the choice will be comfortable vs aero”

This then led on to Bruce explaining how the set up of a bike and your goals on can alter what type of saddle you need, and just because a saddle looks uncomfortable doesn’t mean it is, sometimes a big fat gel saddle can actually be the wrong thing.  Did you know that here at Aviemore Bikes we also measure saddles exactly to fit you? Well why not pop down and get measured, as Bruce explained last night it’s not about how fat your bottom is, it’s the width of your sit bones, you would be surprised!

This is just a summary, and we hope that you all had a great evening and if you couldn’t make it then why not pop in and we can measure your saddle, or get you set up on our turbo trainer and look at your bike set up. You can follow our events section on our website here 

If you did attend and would like a PDF file of all of the physio topics then simply follow this link – ALBA PHYSIO COMMUNITY

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